EA evil twin scalper Evil twin scalper EA is a fully automated expert advisor that uses both SMART Tunnel and uses the Zigzag + atr binary rsi variable filter to know the state of market price sensitivity. Thanks to the filtered variable moving average feature, it enables it to filter out the most profitable trades in the trend direction range.


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Specialization the expert trades within the range of the trend in the trend

Also trading on volatility inside the trend

How is that

Some traders prefer to trade with the trend but lose control when there is high volatility

Here others are trading with volatility. However, they lose their accounts on the trend, especially in light of the high risks

We have set up an expert who mixes trading during the trend and volatility together in a coordinated fashion with strict capital management to obtain the best results in all market situations, known to all traders.





Evil twin scalper EA


The expert is programmed, after the recent new update, to work on recovering losing trades algorithmically, as the algorithm opens trades based on signals taken against the old and aims to prevent the account from exploding.


All the consultant's core algorithms have passed multiple tests on historical data, and the operating principle has been optimally adapted to the current market dynamics and volatility.


Evil twin scalper EA Martingale has no hedge or network. Always use a very small stop loss to protect your money. We have prepared and developed the Evil Twin scalper EA software to work on the M5 M30 1H and 4H charts, i.e. a broker with good leverage of 1: 500 or more. VPS. If you have a micro account it works as well


Broker / Any broker --- ECN Recommended



Minimum deposit of $ 1000 or more for 4 pairs gbpusd + eurjpy+cadchf+audnzd with low risk.

Minimum deposit of $ 100 micro or more for 4 pairs gbpusd + eurjpy+cadchf+audnzd with low risk.


On all pairs, currencies, commodities and indices


Use it on M30 + H1 

m5 timeframe  Recommended


New additions and features

Moving Filter 500

They updated the strategy by adding the adjustable Moving 500 filter ...

As the expert places long positions only above the moving average

It places short positions only below the moving average


Protection from market deception

When the trend ends, the market will give a false signal to test the trading volume

But our expert is protecting the trading momentum by quickly exiting any false signals in the market


An algorithm has been integrated to protect against over-volume trading when exiting the general trend

The expert moves to the next strategy, which is volatility trading

And close the contracts on the earliest possible profit


Viewing account real


XMGlobal-Real 44


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